BATTLETECH Will Release In 2018

BATTLETECH - Tactical 'Mech Combat Returns to the PC.

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes today announced that the release of BATTLETECH has been moved to early 2018. Initially planned for release later this year, the move will give the Harebrained Schemes team the time they need to deliver the type of quality experience the company is known for. This is incredibly important because making certain that the game is not rushed or half-baked is paramount. The backers for the game have made their voices clear that they’d rather it come out six months or more late if it means the game is of a quality deserving of the Battletech name.

“The feedback and enthusiasm from Beta participants has shown us just how great BATTLETECH can be, and rushing development to fit a timeline would be a disservice,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “We believe in the Harebrained Schemes team, and want them to give the game the time and attention they need to create a turn-based game worthy of the name.”

Those who are already in the Backer Beta can rejoice, because a huge update is being rolled out this week with a vast amount of improvements to the game based on the feedback by the players/backers. Not to mention another update is also coming soon that promises PVP which is another much requested feature. Hopefully this will aid the game in being balanced nicely. Late Backers can go to this link to get into the beta.

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