Black Gold Online (Russia): Open Beta Test Underway

Black Gold Online

NIKITA ONLINE makes an announcement on the beginning of the open beta test for Black Gold Online: all the access limitations have been lifted from the Russian version of the game which is now fully available to millions of Russian-speaking users.

NIKITA ONLINE, a Russia’s leading online games publisher, starts the open beta test for Russian-translated Black Gold Online ( After its launch in China and the U.S., one of the most noticeable MMO-titles of late, Black Gold Online, comes to Russia and thereby finally makes its first official appearance in Europe.

Russian publisher has managed to muster all the technical and business resources necessary to launch and promote such a heavyweight title as Black Gold Online in the impressive two-month span between striking the publishing agreement and obtaining the game’s OBT-ready build.

“From the very beginning we were determined to let the unlimited amount of users in the game before the New Year holidays take off. It was really ambitious goal to pursue but everything played out well for us in the outcome. There are two main factors we owe our success to: quick and comprehensive support from our partners at Snail Game as well as valuable feedback from Black Gold Online CBT participants. To these two destinations goes our biggest gratitude,” says NIKITA ONLINE’s Public Relations Manager Pavel Elchenko.

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