Blacklight Retribution Teases Largest Update Ever

Blacklight Retribution Teases Largest Update Ever



Fresh from the official eSports changes, Blacklight Retribution has begun dropped hints of its largest update ever seen. Soon, all Blacklight agents will fight for supremacy on two brand new maps: Safehold and Metro.


These new war-torn battlefields represent just a taste of what’s in store for Blacklight: Retribution and will support the following match types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Domination.


Enter Safehold, the staging ground for Blacklight operations in a ruined city. This new map is built around an open plaza, with several balconies circling it. Operatives holding the central plaza will face attacks from the buildings surrounding it. Be careful when engaging in lengthy firefights in the plaza, though – there’s a giant pit large enough to drop a Hardsuit through.


Beneath the now cities, even the subway systems have become underground battlefields. The new Metro map is built for tunnel rats and shotgun fanatics, with side hallways broken up by sharp corners. Short-ranged weapons and calculated use of your HRV visor to track enemy agents will be key to success. Watch those corners!


Stay sharp, agents. After the world’s end, there’s no safe haven.

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