Bounty Bay Online: Beyond the Horizon cloaks players in camouflage uniforms

For more than a week now Bounty Bay Online players have been exploring the new add-on and finding out just what lies beyond the horizon, across the seven seas.

Bounty Bay Online Travel to South America as well now

Among other things, they’ll come across the continent of South America for the very first time as well as five new character classes, the active pet system and some new instances. The ‘Beyond the Horizon’ release also makes camouflage uniforms available to players.

In total there are 37 new decorative as well as useful clothing items which immediately disguise the equipment a character is actually carrying, so making other players unable to judge their strength. In PvP combat in particular, the camo clothing is a real trump card: The new uniforms don’t only hide the current equipping of the character, they also increase various player attributes, such as the speed they can run, so giving them extra advantages.

Bounty Bay Online - Camoflage Uniforms Allow you to Dress Up!

Female characters can cloak themselves in 21 new outfits, like the Greek camo dress, or a camo suit which makes them look like the Grim Reaper.

Male characters can shield themselves from the prying of others with a total of 16 new camouflage uniforms, such as the battledress or an Asiatic-style outfit.

Pew Pew!

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