Brawl Busters Launches Commercially with New Boss Mode

Brawl Busters Launches Commercially with New Boss Mode



Rock Hippo Productions announced today that Brawl Busters, the hotly-anticipated F2P online multiplayer action game, has officially launched.  With the official launch, Rock Hippo Productions has released a brand new exciting trailer alongside scrumptious screenshots featuring festive new accessories and attire, a new City Hall Map and a new Boss Battle Mode.



Getting into the holiday spirit is easy with Brawl Busters!  Players can dress up in festive Santa Claus outfits, or they could deck the halls with themed Yuletide weapons to ensure all the naughty boys and girls straighten up before present time arrives. In fact you can even get a free Santa Hat starting today through OnRPG!



Ready to kick butt and chew bubble gum at the same time?  You may want to reconsider after watching this trailer!  The first Boss Battle revealed for Brawl Busters is the dreaded “Bubble Yum.”  He may look tasty, but don’t let his meek appearance deceive you. This huge pink monstrosity isn’t going to make things easy, and you especially need to watch out for Bubble Yum’s nauseating gas emissions. As if that wasn’t enough, he also tends to spawn armies of zombies. Don’t even try to take him on without backup – a full crew of experienced Busters will be required to bring this guy down!



“The new Boss Mode is exactly the type of challenge our community requested; this chewy gooey opponent wasn’t scraped from the bottom of any desk-he’s the real deal,” said Howard He, President and CEO of Rock Hippo Productions.  “The new trailer and screens shows off a fantastic cross-section of the game, including the new finishing touches players can add to their characters – with a variety of glasses, masks, goggles, and facial hair, players can re-create themselves in-game with more accuracy, or create the hero they have always wanted to be.”



Are you afraid of the dark? You’ll have to lose that phobia if you want to play in the all-new City Hall Station map which will test a player’s fear and keep them on their toes as they delve into this all-new nighttime map.

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