Business Tycoon Online Launches 18th Server

Business Tycoon Online Launches 18th Server


After five months of massive success and building up a huge player base, DOVOGAME has announced the imminent release of its 18th server “Red Square” in Business Tycoon Online.

The fun begins on the “Red Square” on June 24th at 05:00 PDT.

Business Tycoon Online - Server 18 Red Square opens

The massive player base is definitely one of the main attractions to the game, but props must be given to DOVOGAME for keeping and attracting the players to the game with the vast amount of exciting new events and activities regularly introduced. Another highly successful and fun event is the new Arena, released to coincide with the start of the World Cup.
Each server has their own full tournament, and various rewards are on offer to players. In response to this massive player rush, DOVOGAME has announced that they will be releasing more new servers in the near future. This will surely create more buzz around the game, also giving newer players a fairer chance at shooting up the rankings!

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