Business Tycoon Online Released Special Easter Items

Business Tycoon Online Released Special Easter Items

This year the Easter Bunny is making a special stop at Business Tycoon Online. To celebrate, DOVOGAME has planned a special event for this exciting holiday.
Players will be able to crack open colored Easter Eggs and collect baskets full of useful BTO items.There might even be a chocolate rabbit or two!

Business Tycoon Online - Come have an Egg-cellent time!

From April 1st to April 8th, players with small-sized corporations or above will get one FREE EASTER EGG in Character-Login Rewards. Crack it open and see what surprises await!
Easter Medals and Wisdom Medals are new special items been created for the first annual Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Medals will bring a 25% bonus and Wisdom Medals will bring a 25% bonus to players’ basic revenues.

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