C9 Europe Finalists Win $10,000 and a Ticket to G-Star

C9 Europe Finalists Win $10,000 and a Ticket to G-Star 2012


Webzen at Gamescom


WEBZEN Inc. announced the winners of the ‘C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) Europe Championship’ tournament at Gamescom 2012 held in Cologne, Germany.



Last August 18th, the final top two qualifying teams with players from across Europe collided at the GNGWC 2012 C9 Europe tournament to decide who takes home the $10,000 grand prize and a ticket to the ‘C9 World Championship’ held at G-Star 2012 in South Korea to represent Europe.



With the many fans and visitors of Gamescom awaiting the finals, the two teams faced off to win $10,000. The winners were not determined until the very last match where the final round concluded in a comeback adding to the excitement. The Europe finalist team member, ‘Intro’, said, “We are thrilled and cannot believe we have won this tournament. We are looking forward to the world championship to represent Europe and compete against the best of the best.”


Webzen at Gamescom


With the Europe finalists decided, The Americas players wait their chance to participate in the ‘The Americas Championship’ this coming October. Here, the finalist team will be determined to see who will be invited to South Korea this November to battle for the world champion title.



Additionally during Gamescom 2012, WEBZEN revealed their upcoming free-to-play online tactical shooter, ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’, and gave new information about the upcoming fourth continent update for C9 at their business booth. Many of the visiting game media and press showed their interest and anticipation towards both titles.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said “We were thrilled to see much press and gamers visit us during Gamescom 2012.” Also he said, “This will be one of the first steps to widely present our titles to many gamers and hope to prepare many events in the future.”

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