CABAL II Cartel Extension Update Now Live

CABAL II Cartel Extension Update Now Live

Today, online game publisher ESTsoft, Inc. launched the latest update for CABAL 2 – available for download now.

The new CABAL 2 “Cartel Extension” update comes just in time for Spring filled with a load of new features to keep fans of the game playing for hours, including an increase in the Cartel level cap from 30 to 50, new bonuses, an Easter event and a couple of other massively fun events.

CABAL 2’s ‘Calamity of War’ update received a lot of love and we want to continue adding substance that is fun and unique for players. The ‘Cartel Extension’ bonuses brings more content and rewards for the players,” said Tyler Sullivan. “We fine-tuned everything down to the smallest details because we really want players to enjoy the update.”

In the update, players who increase faction levels will also have access to new additions such as a cosmetic mantle (available at Cartel Level 40), new passive and active skills for every class, and new player titles for each Cartel.

The “Cartel Extension” also includes a massive Easter event where players can enter dungeons and fight a giant Easter bunny who drops rare loot and craftable recipes.

The extension will also feature:

  • A race for the first player to max the Cartel level (who will receive a rare mount);
  • A +25% boost to all earned Faction War EXP;
  • Players who take part in all three Citadels in the week will also earn bonuses;
  • And a permanent event box, known as the “Newcomer’s Box,” will be available to all players bringing experience boost scrolls, gear boosting equipment and new potions.
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