Camelot Unchained Unveils Archers

CityState Games has revealed the second archetype in their 10 weeks of class reveals, the Archer, for RvR PvP MMORPG, Camelot Unchained. In their typical ‘bat shit crazy’ style, the archers will represent classes capable of range that may shatter your vision of typical ranged classes in MMORPGs. Utilizing the realistic physics system combined with the uncertainty of enemy movement, the game will present the most real archer representation when it comes to siege warfare, meaning they’ll be great for barraging large groups, but likely can’t hit a single target until at close range.

Camelot Unchained Archers Reveal

In terms of the archetype class breakdown between realms, we have the following.

Vikings – Winter’s Shadow
Unlike its rival archers, the Winter’s Shadow can excel at mid to close range combat. Utilizing proficiency in shields and fast reload abilities, they can keep the dps up while staying on the move without letting up their offense prowess. In the snow these archers can unleash devastating blows from camouflage, panicking their foes while they hunt down the surviving stragglers.

Arthurian – Blackguard
Archers recognized by their dark clothing, the Blackguard are experts at ruining foes when given time to prepare their shots. They can see the weaknesses in foes, penetrate extreme armor, and pick apart foes with extreme prejudice. Their specialized arrows can fly in high arcs over extended distances, or put injured foes out of their misery with massive bonus damage.

TDD – Forest Stalker
Calling these archers a thorn in your side is an understatement, and surprisingly literal. Masters of camouflage while in their homeland thick forests, these archers strike with a furious swarm of arrows. Their goal is to kill an enemy before they have a chance to fight back, utilizing rapid fire attacks weaker than their counterparts, and costing higher stamina. When stealth assassination isn’t their gameplan, they can instead attach seedlings to their arrows, planting a variety of flora and fungi capable of debilitating nearby foes.

For the full list of potential abilities, interventions, and boons/banes, check out the new class post on the official site!

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