Can’t you see I’m busy here? What do we do all day?

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It’s hard work being in the gaming/gaming press industries! I think it might be time to give you guys a bit of a sneak peek into what it is we do all day. Not just anyone can do this sort of work, but fortunately, we practice day-in and day-out to make sure all of our skills are honed to their full potential. The most important thing is the portal where we do all of our work. You can find that right here. There are lots of practice tools here that we use to make sure nobody sees that we’re being lazy our bosses see the true limits of our dedication and productivity.  But we do this for you guys: It’s a labor of love. Personally, my favorite is Crash Planning! When we attend an event, convention or expo, the scheduling is such a nightmare! Two to four days of planning meetings and running around, desperately trying to not be late? That doesn’t happen overnight. No, that isn’t a puzzle game, you’re just seeing things. Quit being so paranoid.

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The Breakdown’s another key on this website. With Breakdown you learn to efficiently get letters written, where to bold, italicize, and the correct order of certain bits of text within your letter. You don’t want to try and thrust a greeting halfway through do you? That simply doesn’t work! It shows you don’t care. And it’s not at all like Breakout, the hit game from the 80s. As you can see, anytime I press my space bar, that little round cursor goes away. Graphs are incredibly important too, which is why the next step is Leadership, that oh so elusive trait. Going through graphs of the efficiency of our workforce is key, and virtually everyone in the office space needs to know about it. We use a unique mouse cursor that looks like a spaceship. While you might think it is, I assure you that’s how we move from Quarter to Quarter safely. Last, but certainly not least is the Cost Cutter exercise. Running a website is expensive, and sometimes we have to find ways to cut corners or costs a bit. This particular exercise involves seeing trends in items that we have a glut of and getting rid of them. If there are matching color-coded items next to each other, it’s a hint that they have to go.

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And that’s it! That’s a day in the life of a game journalist! It’s not all playing Skyrim and World of Warcraft. Most of the day we do real, honest, hard work. Just to bring you guys what you crave.

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