Cause of Mysterious Bird and Fish Deaths Explained: Game Developers

Cause of Mysterious Bird and Fish Deaths Explained: Game Developers


If you had forgotten that Faxion was about to enter open beta, they are here to remind you with taking responsibility for the recent explosion of bird and fish deaths over the holiday period. This has to be one of the strangest press releases ever created. Read on.


UTV True Games, publisher and developer of multi-player online games, has accepted responsibility for the mass bird and fish deaths in Arkansas and Louisiana, citing their internal game development team for testing their latest project, Faxion, that went awry on New Year’s Eve.


“Our development team was working overtime in preparation for Closed Beta at the end of January, and one of our designers left for lunch without closing out the Contagion spell in Hell,” said Creative Director of Faxion, Mike Madden. “We are very sorry and that designer has since been confined to a windowless conference room and forced to update documentation.”


Moving forward, UTV True Games has created a policy that will prevent this type of accident from occurring and are apologetic to the citizens of Arkansas, and have offered to relocate thousands of valuable but unwanted grackles and deer from the Austin area to Beebe, Arkansas and Labarre, Louisiana as a peace offering for the areas’ loss of precious fowl.

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