Changyou signs Devin Grayson and Roger Robinson


At E3 (US) announced that they have signed comic book creators Devin Grayson and Roger Robinson to work on a “secret project” for their new game Zentia.

Zentia - Devin Grayson joins the Zentia team


Grayson and Robinson are comic industry veterans who last worked together to create the award-winning comic series Batman: Gotham Knights, which ran for a total of seventy-four issues from March 2000 through April 2006 with Grayson and Robinson collaborating on the first thirty-four. Both Grayson and Robinson are also experienced in the gaming industry, Grayson having worked on localization and communications at top gaming companies such as PlayFirst, Inc. and Perfect World, and Robinson working on Concept design and Cinematics for BottleRocket Entertainment.


Devin Grayson

Though unable to comment on the exact nature of the project, which will be announced in greater detail later this year, Grayson confirmed that she and Robinson were pleased to be working together again in one of their favorite mediums. “Both Roger and I love gaming,” Grayson acknowledged at the (US) booth at E3, “and like the characters we’ve worked on together before in comics, the characters of Zentia are strongly archetypal. They lend themselves extremely well to stories, which is why they’ll be so fun to work with, and also while they’ll be so much fun for RPGers to play.”

Attendees at E3 are getting a first look at the Zentia characters coming to life in an exclusive one-page comic handout by Grayson and Robinson. With a limited print run of 5,000, the booth giveaway has become an instant collector’s item.

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