Christmas Comes Early to S4 League

Christmas Comes Early to S4 League – New Update Bears Gifts for All


burda:ic has given the world of S4 League a holiday makeover with its latest update, Patch 25, giving players their Christmas gifts early regardless of whether they’ve been naughty or nice. Today’s additions to S4 League include a brand-new game mode, never-before-seen map, additional costumes, and a new message system, as well as a sleigh filled with in-game events.


S4 Christmas


Patch 25 introduces Captain Mode, a new gameplay mode that will be sure to entertain longtime Team Deathmatch fans. In Captain Mode, players on both sides start with crown icons placed above their heads, and the object of the game is to knock off all of their opponents’ crowns by hitting them. Once a crown is removed, a player can never get it back, and the team who has the last player standing with a crown still intact wins.


S4 Winter Bear


New costume capsules have also arrived so players can get into the holiday spirit, with the season-themed Winter Bear Set for guys and the Sweet Bear Set for girls now available. Other new costumes include the Modern W Set and New Dive Set for women and the Pocket Line Set and Space Set for men.


Additionally, a message system has been implemented just in time for the Christmas season, allowing players to send Christmas greetings to friends, foes, or anyone else they encounter in S4 League. To send short messages, players just need to open the new message icon in the upper right corner of the lobby, write a message, and address it to the player of their choice. Messages can be sent for as little as 10 PEN and players can hold up to 100 messages in their inbox.


s4 Sweet Bear


Finally, Patch 25 also features seven in-game events for S4 League with tons of prizes to win, each running through the holiday season until Jan 12. For more info about these events, as well as full details about Patch 25, visit the official website.

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