Cloud Nine Released

Global Game Portal netgame has released a new MMORPG project called Cloud Nine after one year and seven months. This fantastical and adventurous 3D MMORPG will catch a lot of attention with the adorable and bright appearances of each character.

Cloud Nine Teaser

We are in preparation for the live service by releasing the Cloud Nine Teaser web site in August. The site is formed of three general contents of Talk to the NPC, Title System, and Mini Games. Gamers may actually attend the site and join a new type of community; this is what makes Cloud Nine Teaser website so special.

The most interesting content is the conversations with the NPC. This provides the gamers a new type of fun, it is as if they are playing a FPADV (First Person Adventure) game. The gamers will learn the hidden episodes, NPC’s personality, and the game story in general and experience their lifestyle through this content. The second content is the Title System. The gamers may earn a title by doing a specific action or repeating one action in the Cloud Nine Teaser web site. There are Titles that anyone can earn, but there are special Titles that you can only achieve through effort. The gamers will enjoy searching for the hidden Titles and being able to carry their own characteristics with different titles of their own.

The last are the three types of unique Mini Games. For example, there is one that requires good memory and another that requires quick judgment and control. So gamers may benefit from their own favorite games. Plus, there is a Ranking System for each game to motivate the gamers to compete against each other. 

Cloud Nine Minigame

James Jo, who is in charge of all the Cloud Nine services, has goals before officially releasing the game service to, “form a Cloud Nine community between the gamers through the Cloud Nine Teaser website, and provide gamers with the Cloud Nine standard knowledge of every feature to easily adapt to the game when the service is officially released.” On the other hand, the Cloud Nine Close Beta Service will proceed during September. And the Beta Key required to attend the Close Beta will be distributed through the game community site between the end of August and beginning of September.

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