Co-Op Roguelike Rogue Continuum Blasts into Early Access

Co-Op Roguelike Rogue Continuum Blasts into Early Access news header

Publisher Surprise Attack Games and developer Rocktastic Games today launched Rogue Continuum into Early Access on PC and Mac. The co-operative roguelike planet-crawler will be in Early Access for around seven months, leading up to a full release on PC, Mac, Linux and consoles in the first half of 2016.

Rogue Continuum tells the fantastical tale of four borderline psychopaths as they travel back in time to prevent the destruction of Earth the only way they know how – by killing all the possible alien culprits before they have a chance to do the dirty on our home planet.

With a persistent progression system, unique characters, each with their own specific abilities, weapons and play-styles and up to four player co-op, Rogue Continuum is a barrel full of crazy.

In development for over a year under the name, Space Sluggers, Rocktastic Games and Surprise Attack are launching the freshly renamed Rogue Continuum into Early Access to continue development in conjunction with the community. The Early Access launch features all four characters and almost all core features but with local multiplayer only. Regular updates on the way to the full launch in 2016 will add Linux support, online multiplayer, more environments, characters, weapons, enemies and items.

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