Commercial Launch of BlackShot Europe on the 27th of July 2010

Commercial Launch of BlackShot Europe on the 27th of July 2010


eFusion MMOG GmbH proudly presents the Commercial Launch announcement for BlackShot Europe. On the 27th of July the first Premium Items will be available. With commercial launch, we will introduce our first major update, “Battle of Vietnam,” which will carry the player into the densely wooded and marshy areas of Vietnam. Moreover, the player will have access to weapons from the past with a unique iron sight aiming system. Further updates with new maps, weapons, and items will be released as well.


Blackshot Europe Visor 


A couple of new features will also find their way into BlackShot Europe. The Partner System will be a new special feature available that allows new tactics in game. For better gameplay, a new optimized network code will be implemented and a new clan server for all clan members, where clans can battle against each other. Furthermore, the voting system will be revised according to the requests of the BlackShot Europe community.


For the commercial launch, eFusion MMOG is holding Bonus Days with increased rewards and players will have many chances to get some very special and unique in-game items.


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