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Dancing is an essential activity for every carnival, and Conquer’s own carnival is no exception! According to the feedback from the CO community, the 2nd phase of the CO Dance Contest will be shifted into the game. You will be able to cooperate with your friends to perform elegant dance moves in the world of CO and broadcast the clips on our CO YouTube Group.
Those outstanding dancers will receive bounteous rewards from the TQ team. To win the contest, you need to dress up your character with the most gorgeous garments, choose the most beautiful scenery for the stage, and compose an attractive and lively dance number.
Don’t wait! Invite your friends for this virtual party. Let’s dance all night long!
Submission: June 26 to July 31
 1. Best Editing (10 winners): 1 TQ Point Card B Each
 2. Best Music (10 winners): 1 TQ Point Card B Each
 3. Best Story (10 winners): 1 TQ Point Card B Each               
 4. Most Favored (10 winners): 1 TQ Point Card B Each
 5. Best Visual Effect (10 winners): 1 TQ Point Card B Each
Note:Rewards will be sent to the character who submits the dance video.
1. To participate in the contest, players should perform in-game dances in Conquer Online. The candidates can choose the background music for their clips.
Note: There should be more than 2 participants in each dance.
2. Players can dress their characters however they feel suitable.
3. The candidates should adopt the official opening icon and ending icon and the official web address: for their clips on the screen. Any fake clips will be disqualified after submission.
4. The dance clip should be clear and no longer than 3 minutes. The clip should not contain any nude, violent, or offensive content.
5. Create a YouTube account and join the Conquer Online TQ Group at:
6. Add your video to the Conquer Online TQ Group. When uploading your video, please note:
– The Title must be: Conquer_**** (Your server name) _**** (Your Character name) _****(Your Dance name)
– The Description must have a brief introduction of your dance.
– The Video Category must be: Gaming.
– The Tag must have “co conquer mmo raiding clans carnival dance” in it
The video you submit will not be posted on the site until it has been approved by our team.
7. Click here to learn how to upload your videos.
The winners will be decided together by the view counts, rating, and judgment from TQ. The final decision of the event winners are reserved by TQ Digital.
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