Conquer Online: Socket Your Gear And Mine Treasure

Conquer Online: Socket Your Gear And Mine Treasure


Since unveiled in 2003, Conquer Online has attracted millions of players from around the world, to immerse themselves in a fabulous world of ancient Chinese mythology. As a PvP Oriented MMO, Conquer Online was always famous for its unique PvP system, with which players can experience dynamic and furious combat with other skillful opponents. However, after 7-years of development, the TQ team has also noticed the problem of the the gear gap between players becoming wider and wider, which has a serious negative impact on CO’s PvP gameplay.


Conquer Online Socket Gem 
Click the socket-button to socket your gear


To balance the gear gap and enhance the competition for PvP combat, Conquer Online will soon execute some important modifications on the Item Socketing & Mining systems, to provide common players with a greater opportunity to obtain those rare and powerful items. With the adjusted socketing system, players will have a higher chance to make sockets on their gear when they use a Meteor to upgrade it.


Conquer Online Mining
Mining in Conquer Online


Meanwhile, the items available to dig up in the Mines will include various types of rare items. You may even be able to find powerful items like Dragon Balls and all types of Gems from piles of ordinary ore!


Rainbow Gem Conquer Online Phoenix Gem
Rainbow Gem and Phoenix Gem

Conquer Online Moon Gem Conquer Online Moon Gem
Moon Gem and Tortoise Gem


Another modification, increasing minimum damage, is under adjusting, and will be delivered to the community for the discusssion. Our aim is clear – enhance and balance the gameplay for all players, and return the fun back to PKing!


Adventurers, it’s time to bring the honor and glory back to the world of CO, with the Legends Return!

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