CrossFire: Open Beta successful!

G4BOX Inc and Wicked Interactive Ltd., North American publishers and distributors of interactive entertainment media, together announced today the tremendous success and popularity of the open beta for their military first-person shooter, Cross Fire. The beta, which began on Friday, January 30, 2009, has since gathered more than 25 000 registered players and made a major splash in the online first-person shooter scene. Cross Fire will continue in Open Beta through February.

“We knew there was an audience out there that was really anticipating Cross Fire, so we expected a good result,”
said Garvin Yeung, Chief Executive Officer of Wicked Interactive. “But even we are amazed by the overwhelming response that Cross Fire has garnered thus far,” added Howard He, Chief Executive Officer of G4BOX.”

The open beta launch marked the beginning of Cross Fire’s persistent military-ranking and stat-tracking features. Player-progress will be tracked from the open beta onward so that players may accurately gauge their skills against the rest of the Cross Fire community. The Open Beta also introduced a clan system into the game, allowing players to band together into persistent teams. This feature is supported by a unified Subagames clan page, which maintains rankings of all clans across the Subagames library of free MMOs. The Cross Fire open beta also introduced in-game friend lists, in addition to a variety of new maps, weapons, and items.

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