Dark Era Closed Beta will Go Live Today

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Dark Era (http://darkera.game321.com/), a 3D hardcore ARPG, will begin closed beta testing at 8:00 (GMT) today. Players will have the opportunity to travel through a vast universe to explore different eras of time. Beta testing will continue until October 8, 8:00 (GMT). All game data will be reset after the closed beta.

Dark Era closed beta test gameplay features non-trivial quests not easily cleared. After completing the newbie guide, gamers travel through the Chrono Rift to come to Chrono City. Players will travel through six eras (Robin Hood, Emperor Li, King Arthur, Saladin, Caesar, Joan of Arc and the Mars Eras) in succession. Game features such as War Beast, Mount and Enhance will be unlocked as the character’s level increases. Berserker, Wizard and Assassin remain capped at level 99.

Breath-Taking Events
Players will never be bored in the game with five exciting events (Icefire Field, Mushroom, Unreal Maze, Phantom Siege and Secret Chrono), plus regular daily events (Double Rewards and Beast Den Hunt). The Double Rewards event lasts for 2 hours every day, speeding up player upgrades. The Beast Den Hunt opens more times a day.. Join events in time to net tons of rewards. There are more systems, including the Off-line Competition, Manhunt and Domination, coming soon.

The Dark Era Closed Beta will last for 7 days. In the depths of the time vortex ambush super powerful, yet extremely brutal enemies. Heroes, take up your weapons and fight against the evil Phantom Army!

Win Top-up Rebate Together
After Dark Era closed beta opens, players who top-up will receive full refund as well as gold ingots. Interesting events such as finding bugs to win rewards are also waiting for you! Please keep an eye on our official website (http://darkera.game321.com/) and fan page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DarkEraGame). There are more hot events coming up.

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