Dark Orbit and Seafight promotions throuhout the summer!

Onrpg is offering some promotions for their Seafight and DarkOrbit players.

Seafight- http://seafight.onrpg.com

  • Exclusive bonus boxes for all of your users in Seafight and Dark Orbit Galaxies – whoever finds them receives a fourfold for gold, a triple for silver and a double for bronze for their next banking stake
  • Regatta-Promotion: By coincidence the user can find start “Glitzies” on the left side of the map, which start a timer. The goal is on the right side of the map – however likewise coincidental, so that different times can be achieved. Of course the user finds islands and other obstacles on the way. The winner of the day wins pearls and the total winner obtains a special ship design.
  • Likewise to Olympia we bring the popular Event canons on two weekends.

DarkOrbit – http://darkorbit.onrpg.com

  • “Summer Games II” – this means, that there will be new challenges every day

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