Das Tal MMO Features Arrive in 200 Hour Special Event

Das Tal MMO Features Arrive in 200 Hour Special Event news header

Fairytale Distillery has announced that Das Tal has updated majorly in the past few months to create a persistent open world. To celebrate, a nine day long event will be held for the game’s supporters, testers, and clans, starting October 31, to welcome them to the newly revised game.

    Das Tal’s updated features include:

  • Settlement construction: Along with upgradable buildings.
  • Clan warfare bolstered: Sieges, resource wars and random events.
  • New player progression system: More flexibility in character development.
  • Double the previous armor and weapon abilities: Many have been reworked, and many more added.
  • Overhauled crafting system: Many new materials to gather and strategic choices to make.
  • Brand new map zone: The new Mountain biome. Grey is the new orange!
  • Custom control configurations: No more problems with AZERTY keyboards! You can now create your own control schemes.

The event is planned for two servers, one in North America and one in Central Europe. Experienced clans, testers, YouTubers, and streamers have been invited. Anyone else wanting to get involved can check out supporter packs or sign up to the tester list.

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