Das Tal Players Face a New Threat

Das Tal Players Face a New Threat news header

With drastic improvements made to the way computer controlled enemies interact with players in Das Tal, it is time for another public test. Mobs now not only attack with a range of abilities, but also patrol the map and guard certain key areas. The test event will be headlined by a boss fight, which will bring players together for a large battle towards the end.


The boss mob’s appearance will help to make the test go out with a bang, and get players all fighting in one place. We have been continuously optimising the game, so we do want to have this be a bit of a stress test, at the same time as having everyone check out the mob AI and other changes.” – David Wells, Head of Communications


Being a public playtest, anyone who has been interested in taking a look at Das Tal can do so for free at this event. Anyone wanting to participate in further tests can sign up for alpha testing, or help fund the game by purchasing a supporter pack. Temporary accounts can be made on the day of the test using the key ‘DEFENDER’. The dev’s ask that anyone interested in coming along sign up using their new event registration tool, which was put together by one of their community members, Seonnyn.

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