District 187: Sin Streets Police Navidad Content Update

District 187: Sin Streets Police Navidad Content Update Introduces New Mini-Games, Incredible New Maps and Holiday Themed Artillery


CJ Games Global (www.netmarble.com) today announced the release of the Police Navidad content update for its hit FPS District 187: Sin Streets. Celebrating the holidays in a war torn, post-apocalyptic world overrun by criminals, CJ Games Global bears the gift of three new maps, new holiday themed weapons and characters, and even a whole new mini-game arcade.


“The MarbleLand Mini-Game Arcade lets players take a break from the business of shooting to kill and allows them to try their luck in a set of mini games,” said Jon-Enée Merriex, Producer, CJ Games Global. “We’ll continue to update MarbleLand as a new form of entertainment for players needing a quick fix of gold and items.”


In addition to MarbleLand, player run VIP Rooms will now be available where entrants can purchase tickets using in-game gold as an entry fee. The entry fee money then goes into the pot for the room for players or teams to win.


“During the room creation process, players will now be able to control settings that allow them to add an entry fee amount anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 gold.” said Merriex. “To make it a little more interesting, we’re subtracting 10 percent from each VIP Room pot played throughout the month and adding it into one giant pot to be won during Street Fight!”   


Police Navidad Features


New Maps:

·         S2 Towers (Holiday) – This is the work holiday party you’ve always wanted! The S2 Towers will have a holiday overlay but will be a permanent map when the season is over.

·         White Night – Deck the halls with…bodies. Available only during the holiday season, blast through blockades and turn opponents’ White Night into a bloody nightmare.

·         Viper Room – Bring your knives but check your guns at the door. The seedy underground is lit up with shiny blades in this knives-only party.  It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.


Seasonal Characters

·         Santa Gangsta – What’s Christmas without the sound of jolly Old Saint Nick gunning down everything in his path.

·         Rudolf Copper – A new character to guide your slay…against the Gangstas tonight and every night through the holidays.



·         FAMAS Holiday Edition: Nothing says Christmas like a new French Assault Rifle. Try the new holiday FAMAS out in the Christmas Arcade in MarbleLand!

·         AK47 Holiday Edition: Themed re-skin of an old classic. The AK47 Holiday still packs a punch; only now with more holiday cheer!

·         M4A1 Jade Edition: An exclusive version of the M4A1 with more ammo, better recoil and a nice new skin job.

·         PSD-XR Splendor: This popular gun gets an update with a new skin, more ammo and improved recoil. The competition doesn’t stand a chance.

·         Snowman Grenade: Pull the pin and get out of the way of this Snowman shaped grenade that explodes into joy-filled death!

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