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Today we shed light on the Realm vs. Realm PvP battles in DK Online. RvR is a cornerstone of the large-scale PvP options in the game (together with Castle Siege, the guild battle royale for control of a valuable castle). While Castle Siege is intended for organized PvP-focused guilds to have the ultimate challenge against like-minded guilds, we know that not everyone can be a part of those guilds but may still want to experience massive PvP battles. That’s where RvR comes in.


DK Online Realm vs. Realm



RvR begins with your faction choice. You can ally yourself with Eos or Dione (the two goddesses in the lore), and you’ll play for that side when the RvR battle takes place. There is a central outdoor area with a large beacon on the world map, and it’s here that the factions collide. When RvR is active, you’ll see a bar representing control of the beacon when you’re in the area. Whichever side has more living players in the area will gradually swing control of the bar toward their side.



DK Online PvP



As you can imagine, one side wins when the bar fills up completely. Winning RvR grants an experience and regen buff for all players associated with that faction worldwide—including those that weren’t present for the battle! This buff will be highly sought after, because RvR doesn’t happen that often (the exact frequency is yet to be determined, but it will always be at predetermined times so that players can plan on being there).


Thanks for reading, and keep an eye and ear open for big closed beta news very soon!


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