DOFUS update 2.23: The Gears of Xelorium Now Available


Xelor’s domain, this new Divine Dimension is at the heart of the next update.┬áThe Great Chronomaster┬ámesses with the temporal markers there. Players will travel between the past, present and future while resisting the onslaught of Xelomorphs, Altdemons and The Lost, who are lurking in the three areas of the dimension. When ready, players can challenge Fraktale, XLII, and Vortex, the three new dungeon bosses!

On the menu: 3 never before seen monster families and their bosses, the Museum and its curious collections, 3 new dungeons (for level 120, 170, and 200), the owls (guardians of the Xelorium), new Feca class changes and the new Veteran Rewards. The Treasure Hunting system has also been improved thanks to a large number of new clues and new rewards.

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