DOMO Open Beta

We know that a lot of DOMO players are waiting for updated news about this entertaining mmorpg. Thanks to your participation in the closed beta stage, we are now able to move forward:

  1. Open Beta: We are learning a lot from the closed beta and we can now announce that
    1. the open beta stage will start before the end of the 2007.
    2. new amazing content will be available starting from this new stage.
  2. IP Block: we will need to create an IP block for all the players coming from North America since the game will be serviced by another company on those territories.
  3. Characters wipe: there will be a wipe when the game will switch from closed beta to open beta phase to maintain the game balanced. But our closed beta tester will receive a special gift to thank them for their participation and support during the early testing.


For further updates stay tuned on GameTribe .com.

We hope to see you soon in game!

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