Dragon Awaken: Autumn Carnival Begins

Dragon Awaken had a lot of big events this year. In July, Dragon Awaken EN version has successfully completed its upgrade to HTML5. And recently Dragon Awaken DE, FR and PT-BR version have also been successfully transferred to HTML5. The conversion of the Dragon Awaken ES version to HTML5 is also on its way.

To celebrate the success conversion among multi-language version, Dragon Awaken launched autumn carnival events in association with leading publishers Game Hollywood Games and R2 Games and premium presents will be bestowed on players throughout the celebratory period.

Dragon Awaken Autumn Carnival

Autumn Carnival Event: from 9/29 to 10/3, finish Daily Check-In, Wheel and Flip Games can easily get abundant rewards! Now win rewards in Game Hollywood Games and R2 Games!

In-Game Bonus: from 9/29 to 10/5, collect Olive in-game can win FREE items!

3.9 Version: Epic Update – Dragon Imprint and Demon Altar

A new mechanic, “Dragon Imprint”, now unlocks at Level 73. Dragon Imprints will be a new gateway in the Dragon-Dragon Essence interface. Their primary function is to increase the stats of Resistance Gems and Anti-Resistance Gems (which are increased by 30% Anti-resistance Gem every 10 levels).

Above rivers of fire, the forces of darkness are amassing at an altar to the underworlds. Only brave heroes and Fel Energy can stop them. The Demon Altar is a Level 66 Multi-Dungeon event, exclusively available in Cross-server rooms. There are three breeds of monsters to deal with, plus a ferocious demonic boss.

Stay tuned to the Dragon Awaken Facebook page and Discord server to find more details and stay up to date with the exciting evolution of Dragon Awaken. Plus, if you’re into free gifts and rewards, then you have an extra incentive to join those channels, as there will be a lot of exclusive freebies posted there soon.

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