Dragon Blood Officially Launches At 101XP

Dragon Blood Officially Launches At 101XP

Embark on an  unbelievable adventure in Dragon Blood, an exuberant MMORPG with a vast and beautiful world threatened by evil.  Your task: to save it from mortal peril!

Recruit mighty and loyal allies and become a hero.


  • Hundreds of both PvP and PvE events tailored for teamwork
  • The world chat allows you to find potential allies in the four corners of the game universe
  • Guilds that require your active help to develop and upgrade
  • Cross-server rankings to reveal the best of the best
  • Weddings that give the newlyweds an enormous rank boost, as well as access to exciting events for couples and the ability to participate in separate rankings for men, women and couples

Prove yourself worthy to become a legendary savior!

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