Dragon Nest Releases the Hounds.. and Ghouls

Dragon Nest Releases Cerberus Nest and Ghoul Mode



Just in time for the frights and chills of the season, Nexon America’s Dragon Nest will receive its first post-launch content update next Wednesday, Oct. 26. A new end-game nest encounter will open up, along with a ghoulish new PvP mode and a variety of Halloween-themed in game events and items.



Cerberus, a monstrous three-headed canine and guardian of Hell, has been released from the Abyss. He now haunts the Black Mountain Path, and his presence is drawing adventurers from throughout the Northern Kingdom as they seek the beast’s massive treasure hoard. Cerberus is known to drop level 32 epic quality armor and weapons, as well as materials used to craft the epic Cerberus armor and clothing. Additionally, defeating Cerberus on the new “Hell” difficulty level will yield level 32 epic quality accessories. Adventures in search of fame, fortune, and some of the most challenging achievements need look no further than this monstrous nest encounter.



Players who enjoy PvP combat also have a great deal to look forward to this week with the addition of Ghoul Mode. Played on the new map Town of Silence, players will be split into two teams. The Ghoul team will try to kill and convert all of the untainted players into Ghouls, thereby assuring victory for the undead horde. The opposing team must try and survive the ghoulish onslaught, either by defeating all of the ghouls in combat or holding out long enough for the clock to tick down to zero. Played with a total of either four, eight, 12 or 16 players, Ghoul Mode offers up an entirely new type of PvP challenge for players wishing to test their combat prowess and tactics against their fellow adventurers.



Characters of all levels will also get to enjoy the events of the season coming to Dragon Nest next week. Players can earn Halloween coupons by hunting Pumpkin Ducks in dungeons, and then redeem them for a variety of wearable pumpkin helmets. In the Dragon Vault, players who want to get into the spirit of the Halloween season will have a wide variety of new costumes to choose from.


Be sure to check out the trailer for the Cerberus and Ghouls at OnRPG.

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