Dragon Oath: Get a Turtle Mount!

Dragon Oath: Get a Turtle Mount!

To celebrate the addition of their new community manager, LucySong, Dragon Oath is giving away a turtle mount to one lucky player. Players who visit the ChangYou forums between now and May 13th and share their favorite thing about the game will have the chance to win a Dragon Turtle mount along with the riding scroll required to ride it.

The awesome mount increases players’ movement speed by 70% and is large enough to seat two people. He has custom animations, and will lash his tail, snap his teeth, and stomp his feet.

The event will last till 05/13 and the winner will be announced 05/15.

Want to ride in style and become the envy of the whole server? Come visit the ChangYou forums (http://us.changyou.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=10) today and you could be the lucky winner!



Dragon Oath Turtle Mount

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