Dragonica: introducing the Archer and the Thief

Dragonica is the brand new free arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG. As the gPotato Europe team prepares for the game’s launch, we are proud to release information on the dynamic combo-based combat system and take a look at the special moves of the Archer and the Thief.

As an Archer, you can tailor your appearance during you journey through Dragotaka with a variety of bows, armour, hats, jewellery and magical items. With your trusty bow in your hands, you can also expect to have access to nine special moves by the time you reach level ten.

Archers are nimble and powerful ranged fighters. They can unleash a torrent of arrows to knock multiple enemies off their feet, and then somersault kick them on the ground to send them skyward. Their quick reactions allow them to juggle opponents in the air with multiple arrows, before unleashing a powerful shot to hit them while they lie on the ground. When surrounded or in a tight corner, Archers can moonwalk their way out of harm’s way and still deal damage to their opponents.

As you progress to a Hunter or Arbalist, a wide variety of new skills open up. These include a wide range of new archery skills and give you powerful new shots which can pierce the armour of multiple enemies. Gain the ability to capture your enemies in nets, call rockets from the sky or launch grenades to devastate large groups. Send a flurry of lead into your enemies with the Gatling gun or a mini-tank and summon an ice wolf to freeze your foes. You can also develop a range of skills which will give you a temporary boost to your main attacking and defensive attributes.

As a Thief, you can tailor your appearance with a variety of claws, armour, bandanas, jewellery and magical items. With your trusty claws on your hands, you can expect to have access to ten special moves by the time you reach level ten.

The Thief is agile and powerful, allowing them to dip in and out of combat. They can launch a flurry of attacks with double hits, hold enemies in mid air as they spin with their claws extended, before smashing them into the ground with a powerful crash. From a distance, they can launch a fireball to knock down multiple enemies, or launch a giant boxing glove to clear a route through.

Pulling out an exhaust pipe, they can poison multiple enemies to slow them down and deal damage, while slipping on a joker’s hat allows them to increase their health or speed, as well as giving a boost to any party members nearby.

When you progress to a Jester or the Assassin, brand new skills open up. Increase your evasive abilities by going invisible, burrowing or hiding into a noodle box to evade your enemies and stay out of harm’s way. Summon a fiery wolf and send multiple opponents flaming into the air, or electrocute your enemies to the bone. Dip your claws into poison for additional damage, slip into your ninja suit and develop a wide range of powerful new skills to let you unleash a flurry of powerful attacks on groups of enemies.

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