DragonÂ’s Call Developer Log: Guild System Preview

Dragon’s Call Developer Log: Guild System Preview

We received the following Developer letter from the nice folk over at Dragon’s Call:

Hi, dear DC fans. I am Punk from the Planning Department of Dragon’s Call. I know you are extremely curious about the future gameplay of Dragon’s Call, in particular the class promotion, guild and faction systems. I am in charge of the guild system which will be updated soon. Here, I would like to reveal some exciting information in advance, you are certain to enjoy it.

As a massive interactive system in Dragon’s Call, how to make the guild system interesting is always our main pursuit. Certainly, the upcoming gameplay cannot lack the guild system, so we have focused on enhancing guilds.

1. Guild Defense Quest
Monsters have invaded a guild, and all guild members can join to resist monsters.

Successive Killing quest: Move to next one after killing a monster until 10 monsters are killed at a time. During that period, auto-healing is ineffective. Players can accept this quest once per day and harvest rewards based on the number of monsters they kill. The more monsters they have defeated, the more rewards they will receive. In the meantime, they will earn guild contribution points, reputation points and Dragon Soul Shards which can be used to construct guilds. What’s more, guild members can help heal the one who is doing the quest and killing monsters.

2. Guild Warehouse
Each guild has a shared warehouse where all guild members can deposit items, but only the guild leader and vice leaders are qualified to take things out. The guild president can set prices for items in the warehouse and guild members can use their personal guild contribution points to exchange for an item. In this way, the interactions among guild members can be promoted.

3. Guild Construction System
Guilds can construct buildings to reinforce members’ strength as well as increase the success rate of equipment upgrading. The guild construction system will be presented in pictures and players can check the building info in the guild panel.

4. Guild War
The guild war must be the most-anticipated. Powerful guilds can challenge other guilds.

There are two chances to go into guild war every day. If the offensive guild continues to destroy the opponent’s buildings after overwhelming its Dragon Aspect, the offensive guild will reap some earnings of the failed guild. Likewise, if the defensive guild succeeds in protecting its Dragon Aspect, it will gain lots of Dragon Soul Shards to construct guild buildings and improve the guild’s strength.

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