Dragon’s Prophet (EU) begins multi-phase event


The online role-playing game Dragon’s Prophet today gets a new event series with a particularly valuable reward: The Laedis Hero Armour Set! In order to secure the coveted set, a gauntlet of events must be passed. Starting with treasure hunt that is riddled with danger those fortunate enough to survive must face off against eight world bosses that have now been unleashed upon the world of Auratia.

“We are very excited to see who will be the first hero of Laedis. Only the best will master all tasks and collect all the needed resources” says Kristian Metzger, Director of Product Management, about the upcoming new series of events. “Players will have a lot of fun in the hunt for the materials and bosses!”

All information about the new event series as well the client download can be found on the official website: http://www.dragonspropheteurope.com

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