Earth Eternal Harts Fest!

Earth Eternal Harts Fest!


During the month of February, the Harts of Heartwood celebrate a week known as Harts Fest. A time of year where the Beasts of Earth display their affection for that special someone.


The practice originated deep in the Great Forest amongst the treetop city of Heartwood, where every year as a sign of affection the Harts would write poems to their soul mates. As the years went on, other Beasts began to adapt the tradition, adding small gifts or flowers to the basic poem.


A Moose in love

the Beasts of Earth display their affection for that special someone!


Today, Beasts of all races all over Earth Eternal stop slaying things for a few minutes, put on their nicest armor, and get all romantic like. It’s the time of year where even the toughest, meanest, angriest beasts around have to pen a sappy love poem for his or her cuddle-buttons.


To celebrate Hart Fest, official Heartwood Harts will be sent out into the world from Feb. 10th through Feb. 14th to collect ingredients to make gifts. Users can help these festival representatives by seeking out the items they need to construct these gifts. They may even be rewarded for their kind work!


And of course, no Harts Fest is complete without the traditional Harts Fest attire! Available starting Wednesday the 10th, this lovely outfit is the perfect way to get someone’s attention!

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