Elsword Announces New “Way of the Sword” System

Elsword Announces New “Way of the Sword” System




Today Kill3rCombo introduced a brand new gameplay system for the free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG Elsword. As the primary feature of this update, the titular character Elsword unlocks his true mastery with an innovative system that will bring dramatic new strategies to both co-op and competitive play.



With Elsword’s new “Way of the Sword” system, all of Elsword’s attacks, including special moves, are now classified as “destruction” or “vitality” attacks. By only using attacks in one category, Elsword can build up the meter to activate the Destruction or Vitality modes. Destruction mode increases Elsword’s damaging force and gives him the ability to enter a super armored state. The Vitality mode makes Elsword a more energetic fighter, boosting his movement and attack speeds and reducing the cost of his special attacks. However, players intending to wield this mighty power must be deliberate and careful in the attacks they use to build up the meter, as attacks of the opposite type will cause the meter to go down.



On the eve of Thanksgiving, Kill3rCombo will also announce a series of short-term sales on both Black Friday and the Saturday following it. Players hoping to take advantage of some of the best deals of the year should check www.elswordonline.com on Wednesday evening to learn more. Players simply looking to spend the holidays leveling up will also find a variety of Thanksgiving bonus events available for all players.

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