Elsword Launches Phase 2 of Awakened

Elsword Launches Phase 2 of Awakened



This week, Kill3rCombo launches the second of a three-phase gameplay revamp for the free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG Elsword.



Following the skill rebalance and enhanced PvP updates in Phase One of “Elsword Awakened,” Phase Two focuses on teamwork by adding a brand new secret dungeon and upgrading the gameplay of the existing secret dungeons.



The secret dungeons have long been the ultimate test for players, as they represent fiendishly challenging levels that can only be beaten through teamwork and strategy. The newest secret dungeon, “Velder’s Hallucination,” thrusts players into a nightmarish world filled with titanic bosses that tower over the landscape. Players will also have access to new gameplay tricks to turn back the tide of evil, such as the invulnerability cauldron.



The secret dungeons are also known for supplying some of the most powerful items in the game, and now with the rebalance, crafting materials needed for the most coveted weapons will be three times as plentiful. Level 60 items will also become available with this update. Additionally, enemy intelligence has been overhauled to make teamwork even more crucial when running secret dungeons.



“Elsword Awakened” Phase Two also coincides with a series of community events built around the legendary “Talk like a Pirate Day.” Starting with the September 12 update, players will have access to first-time pirate costumes and can participate in numerous pirate themed events. For two weeks, players will band together to repel hordes of invading pirates, scoring free costumes and accessories for working as a team.

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