Endless Space 2: Comic Series from SEGA and Amplitude Studios

Endless_Space_2_- Main Image

Following popular demand from its community, Amplitude Studios have produced and released a series of digital comic books, the ‘Endless Space 2 Stories’. Each story gives more insight into the factions of the Endless universe: the Lumeris, the United Empire and the Riftborn with stories of betrayal, assassination and alien encounters penned by the studio’s very own writers, Jeff Spock and Steven Gaskell. Artists on the series include Amplitude’s very own Olivier Moreno, as well as various comic artists including Max Raynor, Yoon Seong Park and Denis Medri. The fourth and final comic of this series is out today and features the glorious Horatio faction, in ‘The Perfect Plan’

You can find the full series for free right here.

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