Entropia Universe: Taming Feature Returns


Entropia Universe AB, the largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy (MMORCE) game, announced today that it’s latest update, Version 15.0, is out and ready for download.


Version Update 15.0 includes the first phase of Taming with future updates introducing exciting new features such as pet buffs and equipment, as well as features specifically related to the ComPet app that will be released early next year.

In this first phase, existing pets will become active once again and each planet will feature one new low-level tamable creature:

  • Arkadia – Nusul Puny
  • Calypso – Bristlehog Puny
  • Cyrene – Young Arret
  • Rocktropia – Panther Puny
  • Toulan – Tabtab Puny

Taming a creature

Tamable creatures are indicated by a heart-shaped symbol to the left of a creature’s health bar. When a tamable creature is found players must use a Whip to increase a creature’s respect. Once the creature has reached the correct thresholds a players can use an action called “Attempt Tame” to command the creature to obey and become a pet.

For more info, visit www.entropiauniverse.com


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