Erebus2 Announces Maia Rat Dungeon Release

Erebus2 Maia Rat Dungeon

Zemi Interactive, Inc., Korea’s leading MMORPG developer and service provider of famous free to play MMO “4Story” and “Erebus2” has announced the release of the Maia Rat dungeon.

The Maia Rat dungeon will be a continuation of the Lost Forest map. Players will be able to enter the dungeon and acquire unique accessories. Since this is a party dungeon, they will be able to enter only in the party form via Lost Forest.

There will be a Jackpot event in Erebus2 to honor the update as well, so players can shower in Tras (in-game currency) on their lucky hit while they hunt for monsters or items. The event will last for a week, so players will have to hurry if they want a piece of this event.

“Erebus2 was formed on the idea that games can really be an amusement park. Some would prefer a roller coaster while others prefer a more casual one. Erebus2 is trying just that so that everyone can have fun according to their taste.” Duke Kim, the PM of Erebus2, and also the Co-CEO of Zemi Interactive, says as he promises an exciting content update.

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