ESTsoft Corp. talks about CABAL Online 2

ESTsoft Corp. talks about CABAL Online 2


ESTsoft Corp. is planning rollout of a new title called CABAL 2 (Official Title Unknown), a sequel to its worldly-known title CABAL Online soon to the public. Gaining excellent reputations from all over the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America, ESTsoft Corp. aims to bring another refined MMOG title to the global gaming market.


Designed to bring action-packed fun for MMOG fans, CABAL 2 shares the similar concept in terms of its eye-catching action with incredible graphical effects, and allowing players to share their online gaming excitement with the community.


Cabal Pet


“CABAL 2 will offer the strength that CABAL Online had, and we take that idea to develop what’s much more,” stated Min, Young-Hwan, CTO and Director of Game Department of ESTsoft Corp. “Hope gamers worldwide feel the excitement and joy that we wanted to bring out with this game because we plan to meet those high expectations to this title.”


CABAL 2 project has been underway at ESTsoft Corp.’s R&D Center in South Korea for several years, and is one of the highly anticipated projects in company’s history.


ESTsoft Corp. states that the recent news about a Chinese publisher Moliyo (???:CN), a former publisher for CABAL Online, having to release CABAL 2 is not related in anything with ESTsoft Corp., and is preparing a legal action against Moliyo for using Jing-Tian-Dong-Di (????:CN) a Chinese name for CABAL Online in China literally translated as “Earthshaking” for their alleged new title without any consent and the illegal game operation of CABAL Online in China after the license expiration.


No date has been set for the release of the title, though ESTsoft Corp. will conduct beta tests in Korea throughout the year of 2011.

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