Ether Saga Odyssey Launches Future’s End Update

Ethersaga Launches Future’s End Content Update



Perfect World Entertainment today launched the Future’s End content update for its free-to-play fantasy adventure MMORPG, Ether Saga Odyssey. Faced with extinction, the mortals of Middle Kingdom join forces to save their race and battle even tougher monsters including the legendary Risen Phoenix.


The Future’s End content update will present some of the most challenging content seen in Ether Saga Odyssey thus far.  In Twisted Moon and Sacred Hunt, two new instances, players will fight epic bosses as well as a horde of monsters in twenty rounds of arena combat that get progressively harder and yield richer rewards. Within the new zone, players level 106 and above will get to stalk elusive prey and battle vile beasts as they explore the lush expansive area.


“Ether Saga Odyssey is based in a fun filled realm where players can turn into monsters and utilize combat pets, but this content update will add another dimension to the game by featuring high level content for its most hardcore players,” said Aaron Potter, Product Manager for Ether Saga Odyssey.


Additional features in the Future’s End content update include:

Advanced Weapon System
Players can now further equip their character with the new powerful Dragon Lord and Genesis gear sets

Glyph System Gain new attributes and higher stats by activating these magical glyphs that will fortify equipment.

Mogui Signets Equip your character with powerful signets that will bolster your skills, increase damage output and magical attack range


To celebrate the emergence of Future’s End, all existing and new users will get to redeem a goodie pack containing a different set of items as players level up including two never before released mounts, potions, powerful gear, and double EXP!

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