Ether Saga Online: The Obscurity Preview


The Ether Saga “Land of Obscurity” dungeon has been available for raid sized groups of players for a while, but now The land of Obscurity is finally coming for smaller groups to explore if you dare.

Ether Saga Online - Obscurity now available for smaller groups

Obscurity is now redesigned to allow up to 6 players to enter the land of the underworld, but you need a minimum of 4 to enter. You can obtain a map from the Dweller of Vacuity once per day. You can also obtain maps from completing the Pit of Champions. Use the map at the Queen of Amaz to enter the instance.

Obscurity has always been a challenge for the protagonists in the Journey to the West, and now you can explore the lands that have terrified even the mightiest of heroes. Obscurity will feature 5 different boss fights to test your skills. Zappah has taken over Obscurity, it is up to you and your party to restore order to the underworld of Obscurity.

The very first boss fight will have you fighting the fearsome guardians of Obscurity in Chinese mythology, Ox Head and Horse Face. In the classic mythology, they are the first creatures that a dead soul meets upon arriving in the underworld. They even tried to capture Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King, but were overpowered by his might. Can you fight them off and break into the Obscurity like the Monkey King before you?

If you were able to best the guardians of the gates of Obscurity, your next challenge will be the Fallen Deity. Once a powerful Deity who has fallen from grace, the once proud Deity is now one of the leaders of Zappah’s army.

If you can defeat the Fallen Deity you will be able to advance into the Underworld to face the many horrors that await you.
Once you defeat him, you can advance to the slumbering dragon. Make sure you are ready for the battle if you dare awaken the beast known as the God-Slaying Dragon

After slaying the mighty God-Slaying Dragon, you will advance pass a series of platforms filled with mobs who will attempt to slow you down. Fight pass the mobs and you will see a horrific beast standing at the end of a platform. This three headed monster, with what looks to be six lets is known as the Archdemon of Emptiness. This is your last obstacle from the dragon Zappah.   

As you approach the great waterfall you will see a dragon hiding behind it. The final challenge with Zappah will commence, fighting in the waterfalls, can you defeat the mighty dragon in his own territory? Zappah will not go down without a fight, so make sure you are prepared for a gruesome fight!

Ether Saga Online - Fight the mighty Zappah

Survivors of the Obscurity will be rewarded with epic drops from the bosses they take them. Drops include various jades for crafting Diplomatic and Dragon Slayer Gear and much more. The 6 Man Obscurity will be coming very soon.
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