Eudemons introduces the Capricorn Eudemon!

Eudemons introduces the Capricorn Eudemon!


Eudemons Online has just released the release of a brand new Astral Eudemon: the Capricorn Eudemon!

Confident, strong willed and persevering, they are capable of persisting for as long as is necessary, to accomplish their goals. These sterling qualities have made Capricorn Eudemons noble creatures. They will show their honesty and persistence as long as they are still able to stand and fight! Definitely, they will be one of your best companions.

Astral Eudemon – Capricorn Dina
Eudemons - Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Dina
It looks tender and cute, but it’s said that it’s been trained by the Knights of the Round Table to unlock an amazing hidden power!

Astral Eudemon – Capricorn Donna
Eudemons - Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Donna
Don’t look down upon Donna! The last thing you’ll see is her blinding magic attacks! Her dainty appearance belies fearsome power!

Astral Eudemon – Capricorn Phoenix
Eudemons - Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Phoenix
Its blazing plume and roseate armor bring its terrible beauty, while its superior speed makes it the perfect astral mount!

Astral Eudemon – Capricorn Emerald
Eudemons - Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Emerald
With its emerald mane, holy armor and solemn expression, its small wonder why masters of this mount are feared and respected warriors!

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