Eudemons: New Patch

We are glad to inform you that Patch 1202 has been released to open EO’s 3rd Anniversary Event – Seraph Celebration after the sever maintenance on Jun.1st. The celebration contains 6 quests, from Jun.2nd to Jun.7th.
During the event, players who pass the quests will gain different amounts of Divine Points that can be dedicated to God to win EPs. Besides, they can exchange 200 Divine Points for a fortune coin which can be used to obtain EXP, increase attack, gold, God’s blessing and even communicate with God. 1 fortune coin can be used for 10 times
Scroll down for some brief details of the events:
Top Boxer
It’s said that Hephaestus is the best boxer in the Divine world. In honor of Hephaestus, hundreds of boxers gather to compete for the Top Boxer title in Cronus and the reward from Hephaestus Envoy.
Wrestling Game
Ares is skilled in wrestling, but this fabulous skill has never been seen since Ares died. In memory of Ares, there will be a wrestling game held in Cronus. It’s a competition of team spirit. You should make a team with 5 members who are level35+.
Roaring Fefnir
Poseidon is famous for killing the Fefnir in ancient times. However, the Fefnir have appeared again recently. If you can help Poseidon kill the Fefnir, you’ll obtain rewards from the Poseidon Envoy.
Funny Pumpkins
This little quest might remind you of some happy Halloween memories. Get the pumpkin seed from Demeter Servant and grow it. Pumpkin Carver in Cronus will help you carve it into a Pumpkin Lantern after it’s mature. It can be used to claim a Diamond Medal from Demeter Servant.
Magic Memory
Almost all of us once dreamed of being a treasure-hunter. Now is the chance to make the dream come true. Ask Michael or Friel to send you into the Saraph Altar. Arcos will tell you more about it.
Annoying Mice
It sounds incredible that Artemis is afraid of mice, but it’s the truth. The mice are really annoying. If you can help the Artemis envoy kill these disgusting mice, you will receive a big reward.
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