Eudemons Online: Prospective Quest II – Heart of Satan

The lovely people over at Eudemons have send us the following news:

It’s been a while since the appearance of Spellbound Trees. Investigations and research is ongoing but little progress has been made. More and more people cannot suppress the rising panic in their hearts and the situation seems to be getting worse by the second.

According to Cronus Express Vol.2, Mad Bulls and Green Giants have started to get spellbound too. Therefore, another round of investigations into the spellbound creatures in Cronus is under way. Your to help with it will be invaluable in ensuring we get to the bottom of these events.

As usual, the Whim Fruits will be dropped from the Spellbound Trees during 18:00 to 24:00. And this time, the Mad Bulls and the Green Giant may drop the Devilish Crystals! Go collect some Whim Fruits and Devilish Crystals, and then hand them to those researching the problem. It is said that 10 Devilish Crystals can be forged into one Devilish Heart, which is endowed with dynamic dark powers. Kelly wants some Devilish Hearts for further research, so help her get some as well!

Duration: Oct. 30th – Nov. 5th

Rewards: Exp Fruit, Devilish Heart, New Hairstyle, 1 Day God’s Blessing,  A Wisdom Pack, which will give you 1-hour EXP.

Location: Cronus

Key Items:
Cronus Express, Vol. 2: Right click for the latest news about Cronus.
Whim Fruit: Collect a certain number and exchange them for EXP, Devilish Heart and new hairstyles.
Devilish Crystal: Fused with unknown dark substances. 10 Devilish Crystals can be forged into a Devilish Heart by right-clicking them.
Devilish Heart: Forged from Devilish Crystals, they are endowed with dynamic dark powers unknown to man.

Key NPC:
Zog (Crnous 298,420)
Hawker Freud (Cronus 334,354)
Kelly (Crnous 258,480)


Eudemons - Heart of Satan Expansion quest

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