Events for Tantra Global OBT

Citizen’s of Tantra!

As preparation for our Open Beta Test launch, we have lined up a list of event s for you to enjoy!

Celebration Party
Monsters will drop gift box that could be traded with Memory Maiden for usable items

Ashram Party
Create an Ashram/Guild with 50 members to qualify to the event.
Maharaja or guild master will have to post the complete list of its members on our forums at under Tantra Global Updates and Events. The thread title must be the Ashram name.

Let’s Enjoy Tantra Global
– Monster Hunter
GM will summon a random Boss monster and his horde to attack the village of Mandara and Shambala area. Defeat the boss monsters and get a chance to have rare items.

– I Am Mission King
GMs would announce in-game that they would need 20 loot from monsters at Mandara and Shambala Area in exchange for items with Memory Maiden.

The GMs would give 1 hour for players to collect the loot while the option in Memory Maiden would be open for only 15 minutes after the 1 hour duration.

Wanted CM
Tantra Global Admin is in search for a Community Manager that will represent their nation as a forum moderator in their own forum section.

Hope to see you in the OBT!

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