Everquest Celebrates 14 Years; Prepares for Next Big Update

Everquest Celebrates 14 Years; Prepares for Next Big Update



Tomorrow, on March 16, EverQuest — one of the richest and most expansive gaming experiences ever created — turns 14! To celebrate, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) will be hosting various in-game events and gifting Norrathians with exciting player-created missions to conquer and new quests to complete.



Beginning today, players will be able to dive into anniversary content, including five temporary player-created missions that were designed during last year’s annual fan event, SOE Live. Additionally, players who have completed epic weapon quests will also have the chance to experience new epic ornamentation quests, which reward Norrathians with ornamentation versions of epic weapons, mirroring the original feel of EverQuest. These quests are a permanent addition to the game. Additionally, SOE is giving players the opportunity to revisit previous years’ anniversary content from March 15 – April 26, 2013 and experience the nostalgia of years past.



EverQuest at 14, did you know:


*There are nearly as many NPCs in EverQuest as there are people in Tampa, Florida:The total population of Norrathian NPCs is well over 344,935!


*The oldest characters are more than twice the age of the oldest person to have lived: A day in EQ is 72 minutes; that said, a character that was created when the game launched on March 16, 1999, is 280 years old this year.



Full details on the Anniversary can be found here. And be sure to keep an eye out as the Shadow of Fear is only a month away and set to bring two additional zones, new raid content, spells, improved antialiasing, quests, missions, and more to this already expansive game!

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