Evil Genius Online: New Update Available

Evil Genius online

Independent UK developer Rebellion today announced that budding global tyrants will soon be able to access a wealth of new content in the popular world domination simulation, Evil Genius Online.

Renowned for giving players the power to build their own underground lair, Rebellion have come up with a cunning plan to give players new content while making lair management as simple as possible – opening up an entirely new lair floor from which to they can sow even more global chaos!

Access to the new floor opens up brand new missions as well as five new room types – the Infirmary, the Armoury and Interrogation, Briefing and Archive rooms, as well as devious new contraptions including the Nuclear Power Plant, Weapons Factory and sinister Death Cubicle.

All this comes hot on the heels of weeks of updates and new features as Rebellion continues to work closely with its open beta community and further refine and improve the gameplay experience.

Some of the most popular content released in recent weeks from community feedback include the addition of new male and female specialist minions, and of course the return of the franchise’s most notorious characters – Maximilian, Shen Yu and Alexis as avatars.

With more exciting content on the way – including a completely new gameplay mode, 2014 is set to be a huge year for Evil Genius Online.

For more info, visit http://www.rebellion.co.uk/games/evil-genius-online

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